Volume 8 Number 2  |  January 2010


(Pages i - ii)


Employers as stakeholders in postgraduate employability skills development
Gillian Maxwell, Bernadette Scott, Dorothy Macfarlane and Elizabeth Williamson, Glasgow Caledonian University
DOI: 10.3794/ijme.82.267
(Pages 1 - 11)

Redesigning the first year business curriculum at the University of Bedfordshire
Guy Parrott, University of Bedfordshire
DOI: 10.3794/ijme.82.274
(Pages 13 - 21)

E-business education worldwide: On the right track?
Marcelline Fusilier, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, and Subhash Durlabhji, Blue Ridge, Georgia
DOI: 10.3794/ijme.82.253
(Pages 23 - 30)

Student attitudes towards and use of webnotes
Sally Sambrook, Bangor University, and Jennifer Rowley, Bangor University and Manchester Metropolitan University
DOI: 10.3794/ijme.82.252
(Pages 31 - 41)

An investigation into secondary school exit standards: Implications for university lecturers
Helen Fee, Kate Greenan and Anthony Wall, University of Ulster
DOI: 10.3794/ijme.82.269
(Page 43 - 52)

Factors associated with high first year undergraduate retention rates in business departments with non-traditional student intakes
Roger Bennett and Suzanne Kane, London Metropolitan University
DOI: 10.3794/ijme.82.276
(Page 53 - 66)

Research Notes

What not to write: An intervention in written communication skills for accounting students
Alan Graham, Martin Hampton and Caroline Willett, University of Portsmouth
DOI: 10.3794/ijme.82.265
(Pages 67 - 74)

Exploring the public accountability communications of a CEO through "close reading" analysis: A teaching primer
Russell Craig, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and Joel Amernic, University of Toronto, Canada
DOI: 10.3794/ijme.82.280
(Pages 75 - 82)