About us

The Higher Education Academy champions excellent learning and teaching in higher education.

We are a national and independent organisation, funded by the four UK HE funding bodies and by subscriptions and grants.

Our mission, as stated in our Strategic Plan 2012-2016, is to use our expertise and resources to support the higher education community in order to enhance the quality and impact of learning and teaching. We do this by recognising and rewarding excellent teaching, bringing together people and resources to research and share best practice, and by helping to influence, shape and implement policy.

Central to our service is providing academic staff with professional recognition, networking and development opportunities, and advice and support throughout their careers. As the UK's main provider of resources, events and workshops relating to learning and teaching in higher education, we offer services in 28 different disciplines, and have offices in England, Wales and Scotland.

Through our partnership management team we work directly with higher education institutions to understand individual circumstances and priorities. We tailor our work to meet specific needs, responding to feedback to ensure we remain useful and relevant.

The HEA has knowledge, experience and expertise in higher education. Our service and product range is broader than any other competitor.

We look forward to hearing from you.