What is HEA Accreditation?

The UK Professional Standards Framework outlines characteristics and qualities that are desirable for those involved in learning and teaching in Higher Education. The framework forms the basis of the concept of Professional Recognition, a process by which individuals can be awarded Fellowship of the HEA in recognition of the quality of their work. Accreditation is a process through which the HEA confirms that the programmes offered by an institution generate the necessary evidence for Fellowship to be awarded. Any type of programme can be accredited, for example Postgraduate Certificates, CPD frameworks or stand-alone modules.

Accreditation key facts

  • Only institutions subscribing to the Academy can present programmes for accreditation
  • Institutions may have several programmes accredited with the HEA, but these must be presented for accreditation at the same time
  • Accreditation submissions can be made once every three years
  • Additional accreditation submissions are charged at £4,000
  • Once awarded, accreditation lasts for a period of three years
  • Once participants have completed the accredited provision, they are eligible to apply for Professional Recognition. Please see the Professional Recognition Page for more details of this process.

For more information on establishing and maintaining your accreditation, please explore the links below: