Sustainability Policy

The Business, Management, Accountancy and Finance Network and The Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Network are two of the 24 subject centres that form the subject network of the Higher Education Academy. We provide subject based learning and teaching support for all working with students of these areas in Higher Education in the United Kingdom.

Our mission is to support the provision of the best possible learning experiences and opportunities for all students in our subject areas in Higher Education.

The Networks are both based at the Wheatley Campus of Oxford Brookes University, which is the first higher education institution to win a Gold Eco-Campus award in recognition of its approach to sustainability. We also endeavour to benefit from our shared location by combining and thereby reducing resource, travel and other needs whenever possible.

Sustainability Policy Aims

The BMAF and HLST Networks will play a leading role in promoting education for sustainable development (ESD) through its core activities, within and across the BMAF and HLST disciplines. We will also seek to align our own practice and activities with sustainability principles, and follow policies implemented by our host institution. BMAF and HLST will seek to achieve continual improvement at both minimising and measuring its own environmental impacts.

Sustainability Core Activities
The BMAF and HLST Networks will:

  • Aid development of the capabilities of the academic community (staff and students) to understand the principles of sustainability to include; social, commercial, ethical, economic, legislative, and environmental aspects.
  • Encourage academic colleagues to incorporate sustainability perspectives both in the curriculum and on campus.
  • Support and encourage interdisciplinary work on sustainable development.
  • Build partnerships and networks for sharing experience and knowledge of sustainability issues within the BMAF and HLST communities.
  • Provide input, wherever possible, to local, regional, national and international forums on both sustainable development and ESD.

Sustainability Operational Practice
The BMAF and HLST Networks will:

  • Develop, implement and maintain a sustainability action plan reviewed, evaluated and updated on an annual basis.
  • Educate, train and motivate all BMAF and HLST staff to work in an environmentally responsible manner and to play a full part in developing new ideas and initiatives.
  • Use all suitable opportunities to influence colleagues, partners and suppliers to improve their own sustainable performance.
  • Develop a sustainable procurement policy to ensure environmental and social ethical scrutiny of products and services whilst achieving best value.
  • Maximize energy efficiency, reuse of renewable resources and use of low carbon technology.
  • Minimise waste generation and facilitate repair, reuse and recycling over disposal of waste.
  • Promote sustainable travel for BMAF and HLST activities wherever possible and practicable.
  • Aim to use venues for BMAF and HLST activities that have sustainability policies.

For more general information and resources on Education for Sustainable Development visit our ESD Resources Page.