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Goodbye from BMAF

The BMAF Network officially closed its doors at the end of July 2011, but until the end of December the subject centre has continued to operate with a skeleton staff to oversee the transition period. Subject-level support for the business, management, accountancy and finance subject areas has been passed to the newly-restructured Higher Education Academy. From 31st December 2011 all previous BMAF email addresses (bmaf@brookes.ac.uk, ijme@brookes.ac.uk and all staff email addresses) will no longer work. 

Future Activities

HEA Discipline Lead Roles

Richard Atfield is now in post as the Higher Education Academy's 'Discipline Lead - Business and Management' and can be contacted on richard.atfield@heacademy.ac.uk. Richard was previously BMAFs Assistant Director and can be contacted for any information about the work carried out previously by BMAF.

Lynn Vos has been appointed as 'Discipline Lead - Marketing'. Lynn has previously worked as Senior Lecturer at Middlesex University's Marketing and Enterprise department. Lynn can be contacted at lynn.vos@heacademy.ac.uk

Discipline Leads for Finance and Accounting will be announced shortly.

BMAF Publications

Remainders of BMAF publications will be passed on to the Association of Business Schools and the Higher Education Academy.

BMAF Events

Future events in the area of Business and Management will be organised via the Higher Education Academy. For more information on HEA business events can befound below. If you are interested in running an event please contact richard.atfield@heacademy.ac.uk or Lynn.vos@heacademy.ac.uk. The Association of Business Schools Learning and Teaching Conference will provide a continuation of the BMAF's annual conference. 

BMAF External Examiners Register

Unfortunately we have been informed that under the newly-restructured Higher Education Academy the BMAF External Examiners Register will no longer be supported. We are no longer accepting new examiners into the register, but will still be able to answer examiner requests until 16th December 2011. For more information visit the External Examiners Page. Future HEA work in the field of external examining will be announced at the HEA External Examining Page.

International Journal of Management Education

The final issue of IJME published by BMAF, Volume 9 Number 4, will be sent out before the end of this month and this, and previous issues, will continue to be available on the current website www.heacademy.ac.uk/ijme.

We are pleased to announce that IJME will be published by Elsevier from January 2012. The new website can be viewed and online submissions made at www.elsevier.com/locate/ijme.

We thank all those who have contributed to and supported the journal.

BMAF e-Newsletter

This e-Newsletter will be superceded by the Higher Education Academy's Business Education Newsletter, produced by Richard Atfield and Lynn Voss.


Critical Reviews of Contemporary Practice

We are pleased to announce the publication of a series of specially-commissioned Reviews of Contemporary Practice.

"With the existence of the Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Network and the Business, Management, Accountancy and Finance Network coming to an end, and as a final flourish to further extend and enhance the resources available to those in the subject communities which we have supported, we commissioned a number of reviews of contemporary practice in learning, teaching and assessment.

Through a competitive bidding process, we selected from our subjects communities reviewers with experience and expertise in particular areas of learning, teaching and assessment to investigate current practice and to review some of the issues associated with those areas. Their reports reflect the innovation and creativity in approaches to learning, teaching and assessment which we know characterise the BMAF and HLST subjects; changes in practice which have evolved over the last decade; and the accommodation in our subjects as "established practice" of approaches which might earlier have been viewed as experimental but for which convincing evidence of effectiveness has been collected and disseminated.

The reports provide a measure of the changes which have occurred over the lifetimes of the BMAF and HLST Networks, both in context and practice, and benchmarks of contemporary practice in learning, teaching and assessment against which teachers, course teams and managers can judge their own practice. We hope that they will inform curriculum development and, most importantly, stimulate continuing enhancement of the learning opportunities and experiences we offer to our students.

Our thanks to all those who undertook these reviews within the limited time scale available. Their approaches differ and are described in the individual reports. Each involved a review of current literature (itself providing a useful resource), a survey of current practice, and the collection of a number of examples of practice. We hope that you will enjoy reading them all to discover the richness of contemporary practice in the BMAF and HLST subjects, as well as using them to develop particular aspects of your own curricula."

Clive Robertson

The Critical Reviews can be downloaded below:

International Travel Scholarships

A call is now open to support individuals undertake investigations outside the UK and deliver specific outcomes for dissemination within the UK. For a period between 3 months and 6 months the maximum scholarship would be £20,000. Deadline for applications 31 January 2012. For more information visit the HEA Website.


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ABS Learning and Teaching Conference

24-25 April 2012 | Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester

The Association of Business Schools (ABS) Learning and Teaching Conference, which will provide a continuation of the BMAF's annual conference, will take place in Manchester on 24-25th April 2012.

More details will be made available shortly on the ABS Website. For further information contact vreid@the-abs.org.uk.

What Works? Student Retention and Success Conference 2012

28-29 March 2012 | University of York

This HEA-run conference will provide key note addresses from leading experts in the field of student retention and success, findings from the What works? programme as a whole, evidence relating to specific student groups and interventions, practical tools developed by the project teams, and sessions about retention research and interventions from across the UK and beyond. 

For more information visit the Higher Education Academy website.

Higher Education Academy Annual Conference 2012

3-4 July 2012 | University of Manchester

The title for the 8th Annual Conference of the Higher Education Academy is "Great Expectations - are you ready?". In a system that puts students at its heart, their expectations of their course, institution and learning experience are rising. Staff and Institutions have their own aims and expectations too. In the year of the London Olympics where competitors have expectations of winning and are preparing to be ready for the challenge we apply the theme to the higher education sector and explore its implications for 2012.There are three main strands: Student expectations and the learning experience; Supporting staff to deliver student learning experiences of a lifetime; Institutional adaptability.

The call for session and poster submissions is now open. The online form and guidance document is available on the sessions page. The call will close at 12.00 noon on 13 January 2012.

For more information visit the Higher Education Academy Website.

Business and Marketing Workshops

  • Student Development and HRD in the 3rd Sector: a reciprocal arrangement,
    19 January 2012 | University of Coventry
    For more information contact sophie.mills@coventry.ac.uk
  • Learning journeys: supporting learner digital literacy acquisition with 1st year,
    25 January 2012 | University of West London
    For more information contact lyn.greaves@uwl.ac.uk
  • The Land of Make Believe: Creating the Enterprising Marketing Graduate with Distinctive Skills and Attributes,
    23 January 2012 | University of Glamorgan
    For more information contact hskinner@glam.ac.uk
  • QR-2: Using Quick Response Codes in Higher Education,
    31 January 2012 | Bournemouth University
    For more information contact mbobova@bournemouth.ac.uk
  • Using simulations to enhance students' real-world learning experiences in MARKETING: SimVenture & Markstrat,
    1 May 2012 | Southampton Solent University
    For more information contact sara.briscoe@solent.ac.uk
  • Win-Win: Developing management competencies in First Year students through real-life Business-Community engagement projects,
    23 March 2012 | Bournemouth University
    For more information contact mbobova@bournemouth.ac.uk

Upcoming External Events

For more external events visit the BMAF Events Page
See also Higher Education Academy Events

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HEA Change Programme: Call for Proposals 

This academic year the Higher Education Academy will be running a number of Change Programmes, including the themes of 'Representing and Recording Student Achievement' and 'Assessment and Feedback'. The deadline for proposals is 14th December 2011.

For more information visit the HEA Website.

Enterprise Educators UK Launches New Website 

EEUK have launched a brand new website that raises awareness of the valuable work that its members do related to enterprise and entrepreneurship education. New features include member profiles, case studies, a noticeboard and social media links.

The website can be found at www.enterprise.ac.uk.

Sue Poole Wins Enterprise Educator Award 2011 

On Thursday 8th September in the impressive environment of Coventry Cathedral, Sue Poole was presented with first prize as Enterprise Educator for 2011.
The awards are jointly organised by Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) and National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE) and have become an important feature of the annual International Entrepreneurship Educators Conference. 

For more information on Sue and the Awards, Read the Full Story.

QAA Publish UK Quality Code for External Examining 

The Quality Assurance Agency has published the first chapter of its UK Quality Code for Higher Education.
The UK Quality Code for Higher Education sets out the expectations that all UK higher education providers are required to meet. The code is currently under development, with Chapter B7: External Examining being the first elements of the code to be officially published. 

For more information Download the Press Release (57kb .pdf)


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