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Winners of the 2010 Student Competition

Student Competition

Since 2009 BMAF has run a yearly Student Competition that challenges UK students to answer a question of relevance to business students in the most creative way possible.

The 2009 and 2010 competitions saw students answering the questions 'My Future Employability: The Benefits of a Business Degree' and 'What is Effective Assessment and Feedback in Business Education - and Why?'

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Student Voice Competition 2011 - Winners Announced!

The winners of the Student Voice Competition 2011 have now been announced and found at the Student Voice Competition 2011 page.

Information on previous competitions can be found at the 2009 Competition Page and the 2010 Competition Page.

Business Student Focus Group

Participants at the Student Focus Group

On 1st October 2010 eleven students - from six universities, from undergraduate and postgraduate Business programmes, and studying full time and part time - met to share with each other and with BMAF their thoughts on their learning opportunities and experiences.

The day was constructed to reflect the three priority areas established by the HE Academy and to gain the views of students in three areas:

  • Graduates with impact: Do you feel well prepared for developing a successful career? How can universities make sure you are well prepared?
  • Better Teaching: How can we improve the learning experiences and opportunities offered to our students?
  • Flexibility in Learning: What approaches to learning and assessment do you prefer and why?

A report on the focus group and it's outcomes can be found on the Business Student Voice Page.

Business Student Voice Facebook Group

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BMAF has created a Facebook group to allow business students to share reflections and ideas about the learning experiences and opportunities offered in university business courses. It is open to students across the UK and internationally, undergraduates and postgraduates, and alumni as well.

We invite students to join the group by Visiting Facebook.