Volume 2 Number 3 Summer 2002



The Assessment of Research
Michael J Baker and Mark Gabbott


Pedagogical and Implementation Models for E-Learning Continuing Professional Distance Education (CPDE) Emerging from Action Research
J. M. Baptista Nunes and M.A. McPherson, Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield


Management Education and Development through the Application of the Knowledge Fusion Method: a radical model to accelerate management learning
Stephen Flowers and Steve Reeve, Brighton Business School, University of Brighton


From Dependence to Independence: tutor perspectives on student self-managed learning
Phil Bannister and Julie Hanson, Learning and Teaching Institute, Sheffield Hallm University
Roger Ottewill, Centre for Learning and Teaching, University of Southampton


The Provision of Distance Education within the HE Sector - some areas for concern
Dr. Bill Gerrard, University of Strathclyde