New Teaching Staff

Project on Support for the Development of New Academic Staff in Business Disciplines


First Steps in Tutoring

This guide for teachers in business education and those who support them was written by Don Cooper and Ken Giles, two Open University (OU) lecturers with many years of experience in the OU Business School.

The content has been taken from their own direct experience of teaching and that of others in their circle.

They are written by practitioners for practitioners and, while they are aimed primarily at business educators, the contents are of general relevance.

1. Beginning your job
2. Thinking about your students
3. Working with your colleagues
4. Teaching in action
5. Developing yourself as a teacher

You can also download the above as a Single Document.

See BEST Resources List II for further teaching ideas.


Additional Resources for Teaching Staff

The Academy and Subject Centres offer a range of supporting information for teaching staff and much of the content is relevant to all disciplines, although given a subject 'twist'. Some of those we would recommend are:

(Academy) Support for New Academic Staff (SNAS)
(Economics) Handbook for Economics Lecturers
(Economics) Handbook for Economics Teaching Assistants
(Bioscience) Resource Folder for Academic Staff
(Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism) Teaching Resource Guides
(Information & Computer Sciences) Supporting Learning Guides
(Materials) 12 Guides for Lecturers
(Engineering) Teaching Guides

A Handbook for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Routledge, 2009

Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning - The Subject Centre project has also identified a number of CETLs which have particular relevance for teaching staff in our subject areas

JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) electronic resources:
Intute - "the very best of the Web resources for education and research"
Jorum - "hosts materials covering a range of subject areas ... from single documents to comprehensive learning objects" (will also soon include some previous Business Subject Centre 'BEST' resources)
TechDis - "aims to be the leading educational advisory service in all fields of accessibility and inclusion"

BMAF Teaching Research and Development Grant Reports (Details of past and current projects)
Each year BMAF provides financial support to a number of colleagues to consider issues in their work and develop their practice.  Many also contribute to BMAF workshops, conference sessions and publications.

Preparing to Teach: An Introduction to Effective Teaching in Higher Education
This title was originally published in 1989, updated in 1992, and released for free with a Creative Commons licence in August 2011. The book is aimed at new and prospective teachers and covers a wide range of ideas topics including Powerful ideas in teaching, teaching small groups, lecturing, using visual aids, assessing students, supervising project work and developing as a teacher.

BMAF Publications
The Subject Centre publications contain a range of papers and case studies from practitioners in business and allied fields:
International Journal of Management Education
BMAF Magazine
'Enhancing Graduate Employability' (Book published jointly with HLST Subject Centre)

Top Ten Tips for Teaching Undergraduates by Dr Catherine Armstrong (

Five Ways to Energise Your Lectures by Dalton Kehoe

Want a Resource? Found a Resource?
If you are either in need of a resource or have found one of particular use to your work, please let us know at