CEBE Studio Teaching Exchange Scheme: Deadline 8th January 2010

  • Date: 2-December-2009


CEBE is making available a small number of grants to encourage the exchange of teachers between schools of architecture and/or landscape.

These grants will provide an opportunity for teachers of architecture to gain first hand experience of the teaching within another school, allowing the sharing of experience and approaches to studio teaching and encouraging the creative development of their teaching.


The CEBE grants will cover reasonable travel, overnight accommodation and subsistence for both participants up to a maximum of £2000 (notionally £1000 per participant). Although the emphasis of the grants is on studio teaching, it would not be limited to Studio Design Tutors. We welcome applications from those who support studio teaching, including technology and environmental design specialists. All applicants should identify an issue that they wish to explore with the other school. Such issues might be how design projects are developed, student assessment and the integration of lecture course materials into the design studio.


Schools are encouraged to seek out partners themselves before applying for these grants. If this is not possible, then CEBE will endeavour to find a suitable match from other applications.


Further details and application forms are available on the CEBE website at The deadline for applications is Friday 8th January 2010.