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An education system fit for an entrepreneur

Fifth report by the All-Party parliamentary Group for Micro Businesses launched in Westminster on Wednesday 12 February to a mixed audience including parliamentarians, business people and academics.

It examines enterprise and entrepreneurship education across all ages and levels, across a number of countries, with input from educators and entrepreneurs, and considers engagement by and with businesses in those processes. In particular, it recommends mandatory enterprise education in the 4-18 curriculum and across all courses and levels in tertiary education, ideally with practical activities and placements, “to be able to experience what it is like to work in and own a small business.” (p8) In support of the review and recommendations there are 22 short case studies across all areas of education and 20+ pages of reflections by teachers, academics, agencies and organisations.

Enterprise and entrepreneurship were part of my brief while with the BMAF Subject Centre and one outcome was establishing the ‘Entrepreneurial learning special interest group’ (EL-SIG) led by Prof. Andy Penaluna. In many ways this report signals another step in that journey and I was pleased to see the efforts by and influence of the EL-SIG activities acknowledged, alongside EEUK, isbe and others.

NEW Business education journal

Business and Management Education in Higher Education: An international journal (BMHE)

The HEA has a new journal for business-related subjects, aiming to identify, promote and publish excellence and innovations in the practice and theory of teaching and learning in business and management disciplines in higher education.

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The Social Sciences Cluster blog includes discussions about past and current Cluster priorities, e.g. teaching research methods, active and experiental learning, employability and global citizenship, as well as reports and resources from recent events. It also includes a monthly newsletter with links to the updates by each Discipline Lead.  Posts linked to Business and Management can be found at and please feel free to contribute.

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New to Business education workshops
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Reading, 17 Jun 2014

A number of discipline-linked events have been organised through the Cluster priorities of teaching research methods, active and experiental learning, employability and global citizenship, and more widely through the HEA themes. Details of these are available on the Social Sciences blog, the HEA Discipline Events page and the Thematic events page.

Supporting Business and Management education

NETWORK across subjects and disciplines:
The HEA supports a large network of those involved in business and management education throughout the UK, together with business education colleagues for Economics, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Hospitality, Law and more.

Sources of FUNDS:
Grant funding is available at individual, departmental and collaborative levels, also International Scholarships and Doctoral Programmes, and we will highlight such calls and deadlines in the regular newsletter and 'One Click Away' hyperlinked information sheet.

Range of EVENTS:
A range of events are advertised within both Disciplines and Themes, e.g. Internationalisation, Assessment. Events provide access to resources and a large number of opportunities to network with business and management colleagues from a variety of institutions and roles.

Support for new staff has been available including New-to-teaching workshops (see events) across the UK, and online resources including The Insider’s Guide to becoming a Business academic, Business Education Jargon Buster, and other open educational resources (OER) through the Open for Business Project. Specific issues are dealt with across the variety of events, conferences and projects, both for early academics and as CPD for any.

We initiate, gather and disseminate examples of good practice in learning, teaching and assessment which have been developed and successfully implemented by business education specialists in institutions across the UK and worldwide. We offer a unique focal point and will help you stay in touch with what matters in learning and teaching in business and management.

We aim to:

  • meet with colleagues in departments and schools across the UK and beyond to discuss your current issues and the services of and opportunities through the HEA;
  • organise wide-ranging continual professional development (CPD) workshops and events;
  • disseminate good practice and innovation in learning and teaching;
  • provide information and resources relating to pedagogic research and directly engage with pedagogical research activities;
  • maintain and develop contacts with professional bodies and other relevant national organisations to influence the development of policy and practice in business and management education;
  • provide consultancy to assist programmes, schools and institutions with introducing innovations through change programmes and bespoke interventions.

Support at discipline level is at the heart of our work and we will continue to deliver and develop the services which are most valued by those working in business education in the UK and beyond.

If you are interested in contributing to this work please contact Richard Atfield or one of the other business education Discipline Leads

Contact details

Richard Atfield, Discipline Lead - Business and Management

01904 717500

+44 7720 968831

Business and Management resources

Business and Management Education in Context

While this page is primarily related to the discipline area of business and management, information and links will also be provided relating to to other aspects of business education including economicsfinance and accounting, hospitality and marketing.


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