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Forthcoming DDM workshops Feb - June (free)

2 x Symposia:
Evidencing Creativity: stories and strategies in dance, drama and music
Manchester, 30 April 2014

The Artist as Researcher: postgraduate learning and teaching in the performing/visual arts
Manchester, 14 May 2014

The HEA Dance, Drama and Music (DDM) Reading Room

Dance, Drama and Music Briefings 2011-2013

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Welcome to the HEA's Dance, Drama and Music pages.

You'll find:

  • information about the HEA and its numerous activities
  • news and updates relevant to learning and teaching in dance, drama and music
  • links to useful and relevant resources on the HEA's website including  the DDM Reading Room and also the archived PALATINE (the HEA Subject Centre) website. 

About the HEA and subject disciplines:

The HEA supports a large network of learning and teaching practitioners involved in dance, drama and music throughout the UK. We provide funding, events, resources and a large number of opportunities to network with and collaborate with learning and teaching practitioners from a variety of institutions and roles.

Support at subject level is at the heart of our work and we will continue to deliver and develop the services which are most valued by those working in dance, drama and music higher education. We initiate, gather, disseminate and share examples of good practice in learning, teaching and assessment which have been developed and successfully implemented by dance, drama and music specialists in institutions across the UK. We offer a unique focal point and will help you stay in touch with what matters in learning and teaching in these discipline areas.

We aim to:

  • organise wide-ranging, useful and valuable continual professional development activities for learning and teaching in dance, drama and music
  • provide events and resources to support new and early career lecturers
  • disseminate and share good practice and innovation in learning and teaching dance, drama and music
  • provide information and resources relating to pedagogic research as it relates to dance, drama and music, and directly engage with pedagogical research activities
  • maintain and further develop working with the subject associations (DanceHE (previously SCODHE), NAMHE, SCUDD), professional bodies and other relevant national organisations to influence the development of policy and practice in dance, drama and music higher education.

Contact details

Dr. Paul Kleiman


Discipline Lead for Dance, Drama and Music

Tel: +44 (0) 788 935 2816