Learning after Leitch: Building Partnerships & Practice to Upskill the Workforce

  • Date: 17 Apr 2007
  • Location/venue: National College for School Leadership, Learning and Conference Centre, Triumph Road, Nottingham

Event in response to the Leitch Report, aimed at practitioners

The Leitch report, published in December 2006, shows that even if we were to reach all of our skills targets for 2010, the UK would still be trailing as a nation behind other key competitors in the knowledge economy. This combined with the demographic decline over the next decade have resulted in Leitch setting extremely challenging targets for 2020 to make the UK a world leader in skills, including those at a higher level. The DfES grant letter to HEFCE for 2007 indicates that the majority of future growth in HE should be targeted towards the higher level skills development of the existing workforce. These factors taken together present a significant challenge to higher education to strengthen tripartite arrangements between learners, employers and institutions which will alter the nature of admissions, curriculum and pedagogy. This conference is the first of a two part series sponsored by the Department for Education and Skills and is aimed at work-based learning practitioners and their counterparts in business, it will focus on the pedagogy of the workplace, how HE and employers work together and the roles of those involved, including the learner.

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Presentations and Handouts from the event: