New places to learn: Flexible learning and online residency

  • Date: 19 Apr 2012
  • Start Time: 10:30 am
  • Location/venue: Saïd Business School Park End Street Oxford , England, OX1 1HP

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‘If I’m not in this place’ (gesturing around her office) ‘I’m in that one’ (nodding to her desktop computer). The words of a university lecturer speaking of two places in which she spends a considerable amount of her professional time. Although her students still attend face-to-face lectures, they are also expected to use Facebook, institutionally-provided mobile phones which they would take on field trips with specially-prepared material, and any other technology she, or they, find enhances their learning.

This is learning with a difference: the lecturer lives out aspects of her life online and she ‘resides’ there, not just for work purposes but also personal and social. She moves from one place to the other with ease to the point that nowadays one is dependent on the other.

This one-day symposium will explore how technologies and the internet have opened up new ‘places’ in which learning can happen, and consider questions such as: How do students learn in these ‘places’? In what ways might, or should, institutions respond? What opportunities does ‘online residency’ offer in the sector’s increasing move towards flexible provision?

The symposium aims to:

  • consider ways in which students learn when they use the web as a ‘place’ in which they ‘reside’ both socially and academically;
  • consider the significance of this virtual ‘place’ for the HE sector as it seeks to move towards greater flexibility of pace, place and mode of delivery.

 Speakers include:

This is a free event, but we request that attendees register before Monday 9 April by following the online booking link below. Tea, coffee and a light sandwich lunch will be provided.

Attendees are invited to sign up for a 3-4 minute (PowerPoint-free!) presentation of an area of their work which relates specifically to the theme and to their practice of teaching and learning. Please contact Alison Le Cornu, Academic Lead: Flexible Learning ( as soon as possible if you would like to do this, or have any questions.

This event will be recorded and streamed live via Elluminate.  If you would like to view the event online please access this link at 10:30 on 19th April

There is no charge to attend this event or to participate online.

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