A Personal Voice? The whys and hows of effective audio feedback

  • Date: 29 Jun 2012
  • Start Time: 09:30 am
  • Location/venue: University of Leicester, Museum Studies Building, 19 University Road, Leicester , LE1 7RF

This symposium aims to provide experience of, and evidence for, the use of audio feedback in higher education. It will allow participants to explore potential benefits for themselves, and discuss case studies from the University of Leicester and beyond.

A Personal Voice - looking into the development of pedagogical, technological and administrative models for scalable adoption of audio feedback across different disciplines and modes of study. 

The majority of examples within this project came from Social Science disciplines, but case studies from Psychology and Maths are also included to make the workshop of general interest to other discipline bases. 

The day will be split into two sections: in the morning, a practical workshop will give participants hands-on experience with a number of forms of feedback, placing them in the roles of both tutors (workshop A) and students (workshop B) and allowing them to explore the different methods that were piloted as part of A Personal Voice. 

After lunch, three case studies will be presented: the first will describe the methods and outputs from the University of Leicester project, and the second and third provide reflective case studies from the University of East London, demonstrating the use of audio feedback in teacher training at a distance, and from the University of Bath, where audio has been adopted into mock examination feedback processes in the field of linguistics. Each case study will be followed with time for questions and discussion, allowing participants to add an institutional/implementation perspective to the practical outputs from the morning’s workshops.

 A concluding discussion will draw together key themes from the day, and aim to provide participants with approaches to take back to their own contexts.

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