The role of corpora in LSP learning and teaching

  • Date: 23 Jul 2012
  • Location/venue: University of Leeds, Leeds,, England, LS2 9JT

The Higher Education Discipline Workshop and Seminar Series

The field of Language for Specific Purposes (hereafter, LSP) learning teaching is a rapidly growing market and an industry-relevant branch of language pedagogy for which there is a lack of “conventional” printed teaching materials. Though not yet fully established in the mainstream of language learning and teaching, especially in Foreign Language Teaching (FLT), corpora can have a considerable positive impact on LSP learning and teaching, and corpus-based materials can be produced quickly and easily for practically any LSP domain. By using corpora alongside established teaching practices, we can offer tuition for very specific purposes and tailor modules and/or curricula to individual learners as well as the needs of industry, and we can thus enhance the language competence of our graduates and make them more employable.

The proposed workshop focuses on developments in corpus-based language learning, both on technological advances and corpus-based material design, and in particular on the application of corpora in LSP learning and teaching. A keynote speech will address the current state of corpus-based language learning and teaching from a general perspective and then four individual papers will focus more specifically on the use of corpora in LSP teaching. Particular emphasis is directed towards FLT and we present a series of case studies that include presentations on business Russian, German for chemists and vocabulary-oriented approaches to postgraduate language provision.

Besides the presentations we also intend to give a practical demonstration of the IntelliText Interface ( and how it is used in language learning and teaching. The demonstration is split between an overview of the interface and its individual search functions and a review of samples of corpus-based materials that have been created on several language projects run at the University of Leeds.


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The links to the CTS (IntelliText) interface are:

1. (this is the version of the interface that we used in the demonstration during the seminar; it is a beta test version that is updated regularly and therefore some features may at times be unavailable).

2. (this is the “stable” version of the interface, which will be updated to include all the features that was shown during the seminar, very soon):

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