HEA STEM (Computing): Rethinking the First Year Computing Curriculum

  • Date: 24 May 2013
  • Start Time: 10:00 am
  • Location/venue: Department of Computing & Information Systems, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Western Avenue, Cardiff, CF5 2YB

There have been profound changes to computing education in UK schools over the past two years, with significantly more to follow; soon we will see applicants to HE courses with 4+ years of rigorous computing education at school. How this this affect the first year university computing curriculum? 

This workshop will offer a forum to discuss this and related themes:

  • What are the potential issues with the new focus on computing in schools?
  • What changes do we envisage to the content and level of the first year computing curriculum?
  • How will the new GCSEs in Computer Science affect the pipeline of students coming through to university?
  • How can we change the perception of A-Level Computing, especially in light of the proposed A-Level reforms?
  • Getting kids coding: can we expect a better understanding or aptitude in programming?
  • How can universities best support the teaching of computer science in UK schools (e.g. CAS/BCS Network of Computer Science Teaching Excellence)?
  • Are we doing enough outreach and public engagement activities for computer science, compared to other STEM disciplines?

Draft Schedule

09:30 Welcome and refreshments

10:00 Plenary talk

10:30 Invited talks (2-4 slots)

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Invited talks (2-3 slots)

15:00 Panel session and discussion

16:00 Close


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