Western classical music pedagogy: Music theory, analysis and techniques of composition

  • Date: 27 Mar 2013
  • Start Time: 10:00 am
  • Location/venue: Senate House, University of London, London, England, WC1E 7HU

The Higher Education Academy Discipline Workshop and Seminar Series, 2012-13

organised and hosted by the Royal Academy of Music and the Institute of Musical Research

Papers of 10 or 20 minutes duration, demonstrations and round table events are invited on undergraduate music pedagogy. Subjects may include, but are not limited to, the use of 'pastiche' writing, voice-leading and Schenkerian approaches, music history and analysis, pedagogical methodologies, critical use of textbooks, the use of technology, the relationship between academic studies and music performance, and the relationship between the Conservatoire and University environment.

Keynote speakers:

Professor Michael Spitzer (University of Liverpool), and

Dr Nicholas Baragwanath (Nottingham University)

This event focuses on the academic teaching of music. Some of the questions that animate the proceedings will be:

What do students need to know, and how should they best be taught?

How can we use existing resources and online resources, and what needs to be created?

Does the teaching of music at tertiary level actually benefit a student’s education, and allow them to access music more critically and analytically? What issues derive from secondary education?

How can academic teaching better facilitate internal musical hearing?

What is the difference between conservatoire and university music environments in this discipline and how can they learn from each other?

The event will allow for a variety of perspectives including those from America where colleagues are frequently asked to teach music theory to undergraduate liberal-arts students who don’t even read music. It will illustrate a range of perspectives on the ways in which music professionals and pedagogues can engage academic and practising musicians, experts and the novice (whether in FE or HE). This goes the core of flexible learning in this environment.

Timetable and Abstracts:

9:30: Coffee and Registration

10:00: Welcome Dr Paul Archbold (IMR)

Chair: Dr Anthony Gritten (Royal Academy of Music)

10:10: Denis Collins (University of Queensland): Incorporating Taneyev’s Moveable Counterpoint in the Western Classroom

10:40: Cécile Bardoux (University of Uppsala): Exploring Linearities and Melodic Elaborations: an Efficient Analytical Method based on the Theories of Schenker and Meyer

11:10: Coffee

11:40: Keynote 1: Dr Nicholas Baragwanath: Existential Angst, the Supremacist’s Toolbox, and Current Approaches to Music Theory and Analysis

12:40: Lunch

Chair: Dr Robert Sholl (Royal Academy of Music)

2:10: Arild Stenberg (University of Cambridge): Guidance through the learning curve: can scores be made easier to read by incorporating analytical elements?

2:40: Hannah French (Royal Academy of Music, London): Developing Effective Analytical Vocabulary in Conservatoire Aural Classes

3:10: Jane Piper Clendinning (Florida State University): It’s all about the Music: Effective Selection and Employment of Music Literature in Teaching Undergraduates Music Theory and Analytical Techniques

3:40: Coffee

Chair: Dr Timothy Jones (Royal Academy of Music)

4:00: Keynote: Prof. Michael Spitzer (University of Liverpool): Reflections of a Mid-Atlantic Analyst


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