Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade Point Average (GPA) programme of work

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) is facilitating a national discussion on the use of a Grade Point Average (GPA) system, as a possible addition or alternative to the honours degree classification system in UK higher education. This discussion builds on the previous work of the Burgess Implementation Steering Group, a recent development undertaken by a group of UK universities looking at the potential use of a GPA scale and scoping activity carried out by the HEA.

The aims of the GPA programme of work are to:

• explore the potential use of a GPA model and the issues that arise through its use in a range of institutional contexts;

• raise awareness and enhance understanding across and beyond the higher education sector of the issues relating to the potential adoption of GPA as a cumulative and summative measure of student achievement, ‘in tandem’ with, or as an alternative to, the honours degree classification system.

GPA pilot 2013-14

As part of this programme in 2013-14, the HEA is facilitating a GPA pilot involving a diverse group of 21 higher education providers from across the UK. Through this pilot work, these institutions are being supported to explore the use of a proposed GPA scale within their current context. Institutions are looking at key areas, including: the acceptability of the proposed scale in relation to institutional provision and its robustness in comparison with the current system; preferred institutional approaches to progression weighting with GPA; and operational issues relating to the reporting of student results and dual running of GPA alongside degree classification.

National GPA Advisory Group

The GPA Advisory Group, chaired by Professor Sir Robert Burgess, has been set up to ensure the input of senior representatives of stakeholder groups from across the UK higher education sector, including students, institutions, employer bodies and other agencies.

Further information

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