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SRHE Annual Conference Challenging Higher Education: knowledge, policy and practice


DATE: 8 Dec 2009 - 10 Dec 2009
LOCATION/VENUE: Celtic Manor Hotel, Newport, Wales


The Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE) invites you to take part in their annual conference 2009.

This year’s Conference will explore the theme of Challenging Higher Education: knowledge, policy and practice. Higher education is facing fundamental challenges to its purposes and role in society, stimulated by the shift from elite to mass- and now near- universal  provision in many national contexts. There are shifting civic and economic expectations to which higher education is being asked to respond. At the policy level, the extent to which mass participation can promote social and economic mobility is being seriously questioned as is the boundary between ‘higher’ education and other parts of the post-secondary sector. The role and purposes of higher education are also subject to challenge from a conceptual or knowledge perspective. Here, there are challenges to Western ideas of the university posed by alternative traditions and philosophies, within cultures, countries and regions where higher education is expanding rapidly. At a practice level, the nature of academic identity is being challenged as the synoptic role ‘unbundles’ into sub-specialisms. There is a continuing search to find ways to teach our students more flexibly, and questions about how we ought to evaluate the quality and ‘impact’ of our research. These and many other issues face higher education practitioners, policy makers, managers and researchers. They reflect challenges arising both within and outside the academy.


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