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European Association of Archaeologists 2007


DATE: 18 Sep 2007
LOCATION/VENUE: Zadar, Croatia


The 13th Annual Meeting of the EAA to be held in Zadar, Croatia - Working in the field, learning in the field: Exploring the relationship between archaeological fieldwork and education. Abstracts are now available.


Experiences of archaeological practice, excavation and interpretation are key to an understanding of the construction of knowledge about the past and thus are crucial for students of archaeology in Higher Education. Additionally, archaeological fieldwork has been shown to have a positive role to play in other levels of education. As such, this session will seek to investigate the role between fieldwork and learning. We hope to bring together an inspirational and exciting range of accounts of recent projects and research discussing a variety of issues, including the experiences and expectations of students, lecturers and excavators on training excavations, and examples of good practice that have sought to integrate fieldwork into wider degree programmes. We also intend that the session addresses some of the challenges faced, such as assessment, archaeology as a finite resource, time and research issues, and the ?student experience?. Fieldwork also has a crucial role to play in broadening the diversity and inclusivity of the discipline through widening participation and community projects, something which is of growing importance to the sustainability of the discipline within Higher Education.


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