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    Bridging the Divide: Community History and Higher Education


    Status: complete

    Funding Initiative: Teaching development fund/mini projects



    Round 2 Teaching Development Grant

    The project aimed to (a) examine (via questionnaire) the different forms that community history projects take in UK universities and (b) explore the means of developing effective student-centred community history projects.

    The case study centred on a new third-year module at Sheffield Hallam University, entitled Life Stories and Community Histories. Students taught (by lecture, seminar and workshop) on this module worked alongside Y10 pupils at a Sheffield secondary school in a deprived area of the city, in conducting oral history interviews. Contact with the school, categorised as ‘band c’ within the new Excellence in Cities project, was made through my involvement with the Widening Participation and Gifted and Talented projects in Sheffield. A further group of older people were contacted via Burngreave Library. The project took the theme of immigration to Sheffield in the 1950s-1960s. Parents of Y10 pupils were invited to participate and (school) students were employed to translate where necessary. It was hoped that the interviews would result in material for display and possibly publication and would lead to an event held at the school, the Library and at Hallam University.



    Alison Twells

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     Sheffield Hallam University


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