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HLST and Scotland

Below you can find links to resources relating to the Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism subject area in Scotland, as well as general links for Higher Education in Scotland.

General Links

HEA Scotland Website
The Higher Education Academy's website contains various resources and links relating to higher education in Scotland.

Scottish Enhancement Themes
The Enhancement Themes initiative aims to enhance the student learning experience in Scottish higher education by identifying specific areas (Themes) for development. The Themes encourage academic and support staff and students to share current good practice and collectively generate ideas and models for innovation in learning and teaching. You can keep up with Enhancement Themes news by signing up for the email Newsletter.

QAA Scotland
The Quality Assurance Agency's Scotland office works closely with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Funding Council, and other higher education organisations, to develop and operate arrangements that reflect the needs of higher education in Scotland.

Universities Scotland
Universities Scotland works on behalf of the the Scottish higher education sector and seeks to assist the sector to deliver its essential contributions to the economic, social and cultural needs of Scotland, and to enhance it's reputation.

Scottish Funding Council
The Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council (SFC) is the national, strategic body that is responsible for funding teaching and learning provision, research and other activities in Scotland's 43 colleges and 20 higher education institutions.

Scotland Higher Educational Development
The Scotland Higher Educational Development (SHED) website provides a means of promoting collaboration amongst educational developers in all Scottish Higher Education institutions, by sharing resources, delivering support programmes for academic staff and supporting delivery of learning and teaching.

Student Participation in Quality Scotland
Student Participation in Quality Scotland (SPARQS) is a free service which is funded by the Scottish Funding Council to assist and support students, students' associations and institutions to improve the effectiveness and engagement in quality assurance and enhancement in institutions across Scotland.

Lifelong Learning in Scotland
The Scottish governments five year plan for lifelong learning in Scotland was published in 2003 and can be read in .pdf format at the Scottish Government website.

Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework
The Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework aims to promote lifelong learning in Scotland by helping employers and learners access and understand the full range of qualifications available in Scotland.

Hospitality, Sport, Leisure and Tourism links resources for Scotland

Scottish Universities Sport
Scottish Universities Sport is a partnership between the Sports Unions and Sport and Exercise Departments of Scotland's Universities - with the aim of continually developing and improving the sport and physical activity programmes that they are involved in.

Institute of Hospitality, Scotland
The Institute of Hospitality is 'the industry's only professional body dedicated to supporting and enhancing careers in hospitality, tourism and leisure in Scotland'.

Tourism Society, Scotland
The Tourism Society is the professional membership body for people working in all sectors of the visitor economy. It has meetings for its members throughout the UK including Scotland.

Hospitality Institute Trust Scotland
Hospitality Institute Trust Scotland is a Scottish based charity which raises funds to support & encourage excellence in the hospitality Industry. It supports hospitality students in Scotland through financial and bursary awards..

VisitScotland is the official site of Scotland's national tourism organisation. It contains tourist-oriented information about visiting Scotland.

ScotlandLaunch provides information on staging events in Scotland as well as more general information about Hospitality in Scotland.

Scotland Food & Drink

Scotland Food & Drink is an industry-led organisation offering a range of benefits to its members, including a product development service, web compliance audit, marketing support, sales advice, consumer research, information on access to markets, a meet the buyer programme, PR support and a free legal consultation.

LINK 21 - Scottish Enhancement Themes
The theme of Issue 21 of HLST's LINK newsletter was Scottish Enhancement Themes. It includes articles on Quality enhancement themes, student participation, sports entrepreneurship, first year engagement and enhancement in Scotland.