Reusable Learning Objects Project (RELO)

This page provides information about our project into reusable learning objects for the hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism subject areas, including details of the project outcomes and information on how you can contribute.


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Using digital learning objects in hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism


A digital learning object can be thought of as an educational resource that can be used to provide small ‘episodes' of learning - typically taking between 5 and 30 minutes to work through. Both tutors and students in a variety of learning contexts can use these resources. For example a learning object may be used to demonstrate a concept or facilitate a group discussion. Alternatively a learning object may be used to support individual study by helping with a student project or as a revision tool. To be useful these resources need to be popular with students and be readily adaptable to meet tutors needs.

Typically each learning object will focus on one or two learning objectives that can be used in either the classroom or online. In addition it is anticipated that learning objects can be adapted for use with different groups of learners or grouped into larger collections of content. To facilitate this ‘repurposing', learning objects will be accompanied by an explanation outlining what the learning object is and what are its pedagogic uses. For example an excel spreadsheet containing financial data which can be used to develop decision making and problem solving skills. It is anticipated that there will be a variety of different types of learning objects in the HLST subject area, and examples could include:

  • A series of still images illustrating the impacts of tourism
  • A film clip of a student talking about work-based learning
  • A dataset for use in research methods training
  • An online quiz on healthy eating
  • An audio-recording of a ‘keynote' speech
  • An animated-simulation used in exercise science

These may be composed as a single file, or as a collection of files such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, GIF, JPEG etc.

This project aims to reveal the types of digital learning objects that are currently being used within the hospitality, leisure, sport and tourism (HLST) subject community; to demonstrate the uses and reuses to which these learning objects can be put; and to develop an accessible database that is capable of storing a collection of these digital resources.

Anticipated benefits include a heightened awareness of the range of digital resources currently being used across the HLST community; the potential to save time for tutors in the development of materials through the reuse of resources already in existence; the opportunity to share interdisciplinary expertise, and the provision of new material that can engage and stimulate learners.

An important phase of the project will be to work with tutors to evaluate the benefits (or otherwise) of using digital learning objects in practice. Tutors will be commissioned to develop ‘wrap-around' explanations to illustrate potential learning applications. This process will be documented through the creation of exemplars of good practice.




The project will:

  • Promote the value of digital learning objects within the HLST community
  • Locate, acquire and catalogue at least 100 digital learning objects
  • Involve the subject community in collecting and using learning objects
  • Ensure the resource is compatible with existing resource providers (e.g. Altis)
  • Overcome challenges such as copyright and accessibility
  • Work with tutors to identify appropriate learning activities using digital learning objects
  • Document the value of embedding digital learning objects in teaching practice through the production of case studies of good practice
  • Make the resources available to the subject community

Contributing to the Project


If you are interested in finding out more about the project, or have an example of a digital learning object that may be of interest, please contact us.


  • HLST Network01865 483861