Support for your career

We support academics at every stage of their careers. Key services include:

National Teaching Awards

National Teaching Awards are part of our overall programme to raise the status of learning and teaching in higher education, and to recognise and reward teaching excellence. We currently run two different award programmes.

National Teaching Fellowship Scheme

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) is open to all higher education institutions in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.
Each year, fifty awards of £10,000, are made to recognise individual excellence.

Student-led teaching awards

For these awards, students nominate tutors and lecturers in categories such as 'outstanding teacher', 'innovative teacher' and 'teaching in an international context'.

These awards are run in partnership with the National Union of Students.

Teaching Development Grants

Teaching Development Grants are part of the HEA's strategy to commission and develop research that develops pedagogical knowledge and evidence-based practice in HE. We are one of the foremost providers of such knowledge in the UK.

Other research initiatives include:

HEA International Scholarship Scheme

This scheme provides grants of up to £20,000 to allow individuals to undertake specific investigations focused on learning and teaching on behalf of the HEA outside the UK.

HEA Doctoral Programme

This provides funding for UK higher education institutions to host one or more doctoral studentships. Seven such studentships are available in 2011/2012.

HEA Technician of the Year Awards, 2014

Celebrating and rewarding the significant role played by higher education technicians in delivering world class teaching and in supporting the student learning experience.

Professional Recognition Service

Our recognition service contributes towards the professionalisation of teaching by conferring the status of Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow or Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy on those who have met the appropriate standards in the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education (UKPSF).

There are many benefits to gaining recognition as an Academy Fellow:

It provides national recognition of your commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education.

It demonstrates that your practice is aligned with the UKPSF.

It provides an indicator of professional identity for higher education practitioners, including the entitlement to use post-nominal letters.

It is a portable asset, that has UK-wide relevance and which is increasingly recognised by higher and further education institutions.

UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)

The UKPSF provides a general description of the main dimensions of the roles of teaching and support learning within the HE environment.

It can be used to facilitate and support the design and delivery of initial and continuing education development programmes and activities within higher education institutions, demonstrating to students and other stakeholders the professionalism that staff and institutions bring to teaching and support for student learning.

It can also be used to support senior staff seeking to develop policies and systems for the recognition and reward of teaching and learning support staff.

The Framework is the backbone of the HEA's accreditation and professional recognition services.

New to teaching

Through workshops, toolkits, research and other resources, we support staff new to teaching in higher education.

For information on forthcoming workshops, go to our events page.