Support for institutions

We help higher education providers to enhance their learning and teaching provision and to manage challenges brought about by ongoing changes in the sector.

UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)

The UKPSF provides a general description of the main dimensions of the roles of teaching and supporting learning within the HE environment.

It can be used to facilitate and support the design and delivery of initial and continuing education development programmes and activities within HEIs, demonstrating to students and other stakeholders the professionalism that staff and institutions bring to teaching and support for student learning.

It can also be used to support senior staff seeking to develop policies and systems for the recognition and reward of teaching and learning support staff.

The Framework is the backbone of our accreditation and professional recognition services.

Accreditation services

The HEA accredits initial and continuing professional development programmes delivered by higher education providers (including private providers and HE delivered in FE Colleges). Accreditation provides external confirmation that institutional CPD provision is aligned with the UK Professional Standards Framework.

Change services

In the current climate, change is a necessity for all higher education providers.  The HEA offers a suite of services and resources, designed for institutions, departments and individuals to enable them to envision, develop and implement sustainable change.  These include year-long collaborative change programmes, capacity building and professional development opportunities, and bespoke consultancy tailored to particular needs.

Student experience surveys

National Student Survey (NSS)

We support institutions and disciplines to interpret and use NSS data to make improvements in learning and teaching. In addition to disseminating research and examples of good practice, we produce subject specific analyses of the data, and support institutions and departments in exploring and understanding their results.

Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) and Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)

Our postgraduate experience surveys are a unique service, providing a user-friendly way of collecting information about what postgraduate students think about their experiences.

Institutions can benchmark their results against those for the sector aggregate. The focus is firmly on enhancement and the ability to share effective practice between higher education institutions.


We work with partner organisations and national bodies to inform, influence and interpret policies that affect learning and teaching in higher education.  


Case studies

Accreditation, Southampton Solent University (PDF, 92KB)

Postgraduate Surveys, University of Glasgow (PDF, 85KB)

Postgraduate Surveys, University of Hertfordshire (PDF, 79KB)

Postgraduate Surveys, Queen's University Belfast (PDF, 89KB)