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The International Scholarship Scheme benefits the UK Higher Education sector by exploring interesting, challenging and innovative international learning and teaching practice and policy ideas, and examining the possibility of their implementation within the UK.

The call for applications is now closed. We are no longer able to accept submissions.

  1. Scholarship requirements
  2. HEI requirements
  3. Funding
  4. Further information
  5. Timeline
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Scholarship Requirements

1. The scheme supports individuals in the sector to undertake specific investigations outside of the UK to explore innovative examples of teaching excellence and learning and teaching policies, translate these for a UK audience, test them within a UK setting and to make a difference for UK student learning. Proposed scholarships and associated study visits must have a clear benefit to either learning and teaching practice or to higher education policy within the UK.

2. Successful scholars make a commitment to deliver specific outcomes for dissemination within the UK sector throughout the duration of the scholarship through various means, as appropriate to enhance the UK student learning experience. Dissemination of study outcomes are fundamental to both the HEA and the wider community and to the success of this scheme and, must, therefore be identified clearly in any application.

3. The focus for our forthcoming call is International Scholarships exploring:

  • Innovative examples of international teaching excellence and
  • Innovative policies describing funding models within HE and their impact on the student learning experience.

4. We particularly welcome scholarship proposals that:

  • extend the geographical reach of our existing portfolio of International Scholarships;
    please see our map of areas covered by existing scholarships
  • explore the possibility of reciprocal visits funded by overseas HE providers particularly where this can be used to embedd the principle finds of the scholarship.

5. International Scholars spend between 3 to 6 months (spread:over a period of up to one year) visiting International Institutions and conducting explorations in collaboration with these host institutions and their representatives.

6. The scheme is aimed at those directly involved with and/or supporting learning and teaching and with substantial and significant experience of UK higher education.

There will be one specific call and closure point during the year.

HEI requirements

  • The programme is open to applications from those directly involved with and/or supporting learning and teaching and with substantial and significant experience of UK higher education, whose HEIs subscribe to the HEA.
  • The award of the International Scholarship to an HEI will be the responsibility of the HEA.
  • The HEI scholar should have a successful track record in the relevant area demonstrated through publications and other disseminated work.
  • The scholar will provide a series of report to the HEA outlining their progress.
  • The HEI will be required to agree to the Terms and Conditions of the International Scholarship Programme. These Terms follow standard HEA Terms for receipt of Grant funds and are not able to be amended.
  • An HEI Letter of Support is required as part of the application package to indicate the HEIs ability to meet these requirements, and to confirm any match funding that is noted on the application form.


Applicants may request a maximum of £20,000. The time period for study abroad will be a minimum period of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months (spread over a period of up to one year).

The application form requires applicants to provide a full breakdown of all costs, including support in kind and any match funding. Matched funding from other organisations (particularly overseas host institions) is encouraged. Funding may be requested for the following components:

  • International travel
  • Accommodation and living expenses
  • Fees to be paid to organisations overseas
  • Release of time from teaching, research or administrative duties
  • Administrative support costs
  • Materials (e.g. production of poster)
  • Impact evaluation
  • Attendance at dissemination events

Any additional costs, such as full economic costing will be covered by the HEI. The funding is fixed once the application has been submitted. There are no supplementary allowances.

NB: The HEA cannot fund: normal cost of course delivery, FeC/overheads, contingency funds. These items, if required, would need to be provided as part of your institution’s match funding. Equipment requests would need to be essential to the running of the project and not routinely available for use e.g. laptops, PCs.

We will not fund applications where the focus is to attend an international conference or to conduct research or fieldwork overseas. We are not able to fund reciprocal visits of overeas academics to the UK.


The next call will be open from 3 September 2013 – 20 Jan 2014. This call is now closed.

Deadline for receipt of applications – Noon, 20 January 2014. This call is now closed.

Decisions will be communicated to successful/unsuccessful candidates by the end of April 2014.


Further information

• It is not possible to apply for retrospective funding.

• Progress reports and end of funding reports may be published on the HEA’s website or in a newsletter.

• The HEA will make the final decisions on which proposals to fund.

• This initiative is intended to support all subscribing HEIs and their staff/students. As such, the HEA reserves the right to ensure an even distribution of funds.

• The information applicants have provided will be stored in an electronic format by the HEA.

• Your name, job title and department will be shared with your institution for reporting purposes and, if successful, these details will be used by the HEA for marketing and promotional purposes.


Useful documents for applicants

Guidance for applicants (PDF 409KB)

International Scholarship FAQs (PDF 132KB)

Apply now

Please apply using our online application form. The closing date is 20 Jan 2014 - noon. This call is now closed.