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OER Project: 2012 Legacies for Learning

JISC LogoThe Project, with the support of the HE Academy and JISC, has commissioned or identified and made accessible a range of Open Educational Resources related to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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The Project

The HLST Subject Network was awarded funds for the development of Open Educational Resources (OER) by JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) within a twelve month project. Open Educational Resources are digital learning materials which are placed in repositories for open access, normally under licence, to be used, improved and re-used. The aim of the project was to identify, develop as necessary, make accessible and promote resources which can support higher education programmes in engaging students in learning through opportunities afforded by the Olympic and Paralympic Games and their legacy.

The 2012 Olympics and Paralympics provide an excellent opportunity for engaging students in the HLST subjects, and other subjects, in learning across a spectrum of topics and issues, and the project is providing a range of open educational resources to support this through both appropriate content and greater accessibility.

There are many resources that relate to the theme of the Olympics and Paralympics but they are scattered and restricted by copyright, and much of the work of the project has involved the identification of appropriate resources and the checking and clearance of IPR issues with others. The Project set out to identify, develop as necessary, make accessible and promote such resources, and achieved this through working with a number of key stakeholders who were able to release or provide a number of different resources, including the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), Routledge, and resources for higher education related to the Games in Los Angeles, Barcelona and Vancouver.

The Project is providing the resources in several categories of resource, in some cases related to the stakeholders. Many of the resources can be used openly for learning, teaching and assessment purposes and can be copied and even repurposed for use with students as part of a critical discourse. Some of the resources are original documents and reports (like those related to the planning of the 2012 Games) which will not be repurposed, but will enhance research and enquiry-led learning.

The collection includes:

  • Case studies and discussion starters which examine a range of issues and questions facing the Olympics and Paralympics
  • Official documents: official plans, publications and reports from LOCOG related to the planning of the 2012 Games
  • Research resources: Other resources underpin and promote research into the Olympics and Paralympics including a range of Routledge publications and a research pack produced for the Project by the SPEAR Centre at Canterbury Christchurch University.

To find out more about the project browse the collection in RADAR.

LinkBC has also produced a series of 45+ discussion starters designed to promote the development of 2010 Winter Games-related knowledge and encourage critical discussion on a wide-range of topics. These can be accessed at the e-Legacies: Learning Resources for the 2010 Games website.
The Discussion Starter Catagories Grid can also be downloaded as a .pdf.

Case Studies

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Other Resources

The Routledge Online Studies on the Olympic and Paralympic Games website contains over 1000 book chapters and journal articles, as well as links to external resources.



Research Papers


Research Packs

Olympics Food Safety


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