New to Teaching Toolkit

Starting teaching in higher education can be a challenge whatever your background, age, qualifications or discipline.

However, those new to teaching in Higher Education find themselves in very different contexts, roles and circumstances. They may be:

  • undertaking post-graduate studies, for example for a PhD, and doing some teaching;
  • in post-doctoral research posts;
  • appointed as teaching fellows or to a primarily teaching post (whether permanent or on a variety of contracts);
  • in a learning support role, including educational guidance, demonstrator or technician;
  • entering from a previous career in a profession, teaching in a different sector of education, or working in industry/commerce;
  • returning to work after raising a family or being a carer.

The institution and department you work in may be very research-focused or place a greater emphasis on teaching and/or external business, professional and community relations. How you see yourself may differ, partially reflecting the different terms used - teacher, lecturer, academic, researcher, learning support, etc.

What we all have in common is the wish to do the best for our students, to convey our passion for our discipline or profession, and to challenge our students as well as ourselves to become more effective, critical, enquiring and reflective learners. The materials provided here are intended to give you a starting point for those who are new to teaching.

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