HEA launches employer engagement publication

  • Date: 21-12-2011

The HEA has published Learning from experience in employer engagement, which shares the learning from higher education institutions (HEIs) involved in projects to enhance their employer engagement policy and practices so that all HEIs can make informed decisions when embarking upon their own employer-responsive provision.

Each of the publication’s three sections focuses on a common theme, identified through the findings of the 39 HEFCE-funded projects.

The first section looks at engaging academic staff and approaches to embedding employer engagement within an institution. It also demonstrates how cross-disciplinary teams can work successfully across the boundaries of institutions for maximum benefit.

The second section explores how to make learning accessible to adults in employment, and the final section proposes new kinds of curriculum and awards to suit the interests and learning pace of adult learners.

The publication has a foreword by Professor Freda Tallantyre, Senior Associate at the HEA, who has chaired the network of projects over the past four years. It was co-edited by Professor Tallantyre and Discipline Lead at the HEA, Jane Kettle, who said: “UK higher education is changing at a rapid pace, and this includes how and where our students are learning. The HEA has supported and worked with institutions over many years to ensure that they can develop sustainable and effective relationships with employers to enhance the student learning experience, whether in a campus or work-based environment.

“This publication will give all HEIs, whatever their experience of employer engagement initiatives, ideas and advice that they can develop and tailor for their needs. I’m sure they will find much to support them as they move towards a more flexible approach to employer-responsive learning and teaching.”

The current Review of Business-University Collaboration, which is being led by Professor Sir Tim Wilson, will address aspects of this agenda and explore how employer engagement can remain a priority for all HEIs. The HEA’s report highlights the ongoing collaboration taking place and demonstrates the powerful impact such engagement can have on institutions, employers and the student learning experience.

The full report can be downloaded here.