"Making it Count": Reflections on the National Student Survey (NSS) in the process of enhancement

  • Date: 06-11-2012

A new report published today by the HEA explores the often overlooked potential of the NSS to improve learning and teaching in higher education.

"Making it Count" is based on the experiences and reflections of the HEA's NSS Institutional Working Group. It provides an overview of the role of the NSS in enhancement, alongside specific examples of institutional practice. It is also intended to raise awareness of this aspect of the survey, and to provoke debate about the opportunities and obstacles of using it in this way.

Its author, Dr Alex Buckley, Academic Development Officer for Surveys at the HEA, will be launching the report at the National Student Survey 2012 conference today.

Dr Buckley comments: "The use of the NSS for the enhancement of learning and teaching is becoming increasingly common within HEIs, but there is a lack of shared practive and discussion about how and what can be achieved. I hope that institutions will find the insights in this report interesting and useful."