National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS)

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme recognises and rewards excellent learning and teaching and is funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW), and the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland (DELNI). It is open to directly-funded higher education institutions and further education colleges in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. A full list of eligible institutions is provided each year when nominations open.

Up to 55 awards of £10,000 are made to recognise individual excellence. The award is intended for National Teaching Fellows' professional development in teaching and learning or aspects of pedagogy.

New National Teaching Fellows

The 55 National Teaching Fellows for 2014 were announced on 12 June 2014. Please click here to see their profiles.

NTFS 2014

The call for nominations to NTFS 2014 is now closed.

 The nomination documents and guidelines for NTFS 2014 are provided here and under 2014 Documentation on the right hand side of this page.  For further details on developing a nomination, please visit:NTFS: A Guide to the Process and follow the relevant links.

Minor changes have been made to the NTFS 2014 documentation and include:

  • changing section 5 of the Application Form so that it can act as stand alone confirmation of institutional support without the need to request additional signature upon award;
  • moving the announcement date of new NTFs to 12 June to accommodate requests from the sector to celebrate NTFs at end of year events;
  • amended eligibility guidelines to reflect new changes requested by HEFCW and DELNI (that institutions must be HEA subscribers to be eligible for NTFS);
  • added reference to new Grant Agreement detailing terms and conditions of award that must be signed on acceptance of award (paragraph 30 of the Awards Guidelines);
  • updated the list of eligible institutions to reflect mergers and name changes (see Eligible Institutions document)*;
  • creation of a new document that provides guidance about spending of the award including tax and NIC implications (Key Points on Management of the NTF Award).

*Please note that for England this list is based on early forecasting for registration. If your institution resides in England, meets the threshold as stated on the Eligible Institutions document, and is not on the list, please contact us as

2013 Data Report

A data report on the 2013 round of NTFS has been produced. The report provides data on the nominations to the scheme and the new National Teaching Fellows as well as details of the key characteristics of successful nominations and information about the assessment process.

NTFS 2012 Review

Thank you to everyone who recently participated in the NTFS 2012 Review through surveys, focus groups, and interviews. The evaluation has demonstrated a great commitment to the NTFS and what it has achieved over the past thirteen years for both individuals and institutions.

We are pleased to announce that the report on the findings from the review, along with recommendations for future activity, is now published.  Please see here to download the documents and for further information about the review.

NTFS 2012

The National Teaching Fellows for 2012 were announced on 26 July 2012.  View the 2012 Fellows

The Award Ceremony was held on 10 October 2012 and here are some comments from some of the 2012 NTFs during the event.  View the Vodcast

The 'National Teaching Fellowship Scheme 2012' booklet, which is available for download here, provides information about each of the new NTFs:

An Overview Report has been produced which provides details of the key characteristics of successful nominations together with demographic data on this year's nominations.  The report also provides information about the assessment process and aspects of National Teaching Fellow's profiles.   

NTFS Reviewers

The HEA maintains a reviewer pool of external contacts that have expertise in discipline-specific or thematic areas and have applied to act as a reviewer for one or more of its activities. Reviewers are normally, but not exclusively, National Teaching Fellows or Fellows of the Higher Education Academy. Reviewers provide their time and expertise voluntarily. They are provided with guidance and advice from the NTFS team and asked to review multiple nominations. New reviewers to the Scheme are paired with more experienced reviewers where possible and the reviews are subject to a moderation process to ensure the robustness of the process overall. In 2012, 136 peer reviewers assessed 185 nominations to the NTFS. Reviewers were drawn from across the full range of the mission groups of eligible institutions and also include some individuals from outside England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Should you wish to volunteer your services as a NTFS reviewer, please register online via the "Become a Reviewer" link on MyAcademy. Once registered, you will be contacted each year to ask if you are available to review for the next round of nominations.

Support for the NTFS

We provide support for individual National Teaching Fellows, project teams, and the Association of National Teaching Fellows, which facilitates networking and promotes innovative practice.

Projects strand

The NTFS Projects strand ran from 2007 to 2010 and was funded by HEFCE as part of its approach to teaching enhancement. Information on the NTFS Projects funded between 2007 and 2010, and related documents and reports can be found on the NTFS Projects dedicated web-pages.