NTFS: A guide to the process

"the NTF transformed my career and life. It created opportunities beyond what I would ever think possible" - National Teaching Fellow.

The following section will help to guide you through the process of submitting a nomination to the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS). If you are a new institution to NTFS, you may find the New to NTFS section of our website helpful.

Thinking about becoming a National Teaching Fellow (NTF)?

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) receives hundreds of nominations each year for the honour of becoming a National Teaching Fellow (NTF). Each of these nominations is of a high standard but only a maximum of 55 NTFs can be awarded to those who are best able to demonstrate that they meet the criteria in highly explicit, relevant, and innovative ways and provide evidence that is fully commensurate with that expected of a NTF.

What does it mean to be a NTF?

The NTFS Review has provided a range of examples of what it means to be a NTF and a series of case studies are under development. 

The 588 current NTFs, representing more than 40 discipline areas, have been engaged in a range of pedagogic activities to support the enhancement of the student experience.  For instance, leading on projects to create interdisciplinary approaches to employability (http://www.bcu.ac.uk/futureproof), or transforming current assessment and feedback practice (http://www.testa.ac.uk); creating collaborative research projects with international institutions; funding international conferences in the UK; and shaping the future direction of university academic policy through appointment to internal committees.

We asked three NTFs at the 2012 award ceremony what the award meant to them. View their video here.

Do you want to become a NTF?

Being a NTF has provided range of opportunities for the holders.  Some have used their NTF as evidence in applying for promotion.  Some have been engaged with international networks.  NTFs are working as a community to enhance learning and teaching in HE; the ANTF is currently writing a publication on innovative teaching and working to promote learning and teaching across the sector. 

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