Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's Syndrome (AS) is a condition on the autistic spectrum. Through Development Project funding, the 'Supporting Students with Asperger's Syndrome' pack was developed to improve the situation of students and the staff supporting them. The material has been shortlisted for a Jorum Learning and Teaching Award.

Asperger's Syndrome

What's in the resource pack?
This resource pack is designed to be flexible so that each department can use it in the way that best suits their way of working. The pack consists of 3 distinct components:

1. A set of Quick Guides tailored to individual staff roles. Each guide is meant to provide a quick method for getting staff 'up to speed' about Asperger's Syndrome  and a few suggestions about supporting students in their role.

2. A Practice Guide providing more information, example scenarios and some suggestions for those who want to learn more about AS.

3. A video interview with a former university student who has Asperger's Syndrome, talking about his experience of university education.


Download the 'Supporting Students with Asperger's Syndrome' material:

'Supporting Students with Asperger's Syndrome' (a Practice Guide containing the Quick Guide Cards) [pdf 1.17MB]

Quick Guide card 1 - Academic Contact [pdf  142kB]

Quick Guide card 2 - Admin Staff [pdf 148kB]

Quick Guide card 3 - Head of School/Department [pdf 123kB]

Quick Guide card 4 - Laboratory Demonstrators [pdf 132kB]

Quick Guide card 5 - Laboratory Technicians [pdf 138kB]

Quick Guide card 6 - Lecturers [pdf 163kB]

Quick Guide card 7 - Personal Tutors [pdf 162kB]

Quick Guide card 8 - Programme Tutors [pdf 134kB]

Video: Asperger's Syndrome - a personal perspective

How might the resource pack be used?
It is designed to be flexible, and each component can be used on its own. An example use of the pack might be to distribute Quick Guides to members of staff to quickly raise awareness, perhaps followed by the use of the video in a staff training exercise, followed by disseminating the Practice Guide to those in key support roles.



This is the first version of the resource pack. The authors would value feedback to inform the development of future versions. If you would be willing to tell them how you are using it or how it could be improved, please email Mark Hughes.

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