Question Bank

This work involves producing a database of physical science questions which can be exported in different formats for use in a variety of assessment systems, such as Blackboard or Questionmark Perception.

Question Bank

A dynamic resource, designed to develop from your experiences and needs. It allows you to set coursework for your students with automated feedback to improve your students' understanding.

Key Features:

  • Find questions by topic, keyword, question type, pedagogic style and difficulty
  • Search descriptions, keywords or the whole question text
  • Use simple or advanced logic in searching - include or exclude words or phrases
  • View questions with their answer conditions and feedback, for rapid appraisal
  • Aggregate questions into a named assessment before download

Futher information about Question Bank

Access to Question Bank

  • Dick Bacon 01483 689414

Question Bank JISCmail List

Users of Question Bank, and those interested in it, are invited to join the dedicated Question Bank JISCmail list.

You can join by sending an email to with the text (on one line)...


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