Recording/ed Lectures

The project aims to enhance student learning through providing audio and video recordings of teaching sessions given by academic colleagues within the Chemistry Department at Liverpool University. Through the Discipline-focused Learning Technology Enhancement Academy programme funded by the Higher Education Academy, the aim is to have an increasing number of academic colleagues recording and making available to students their lectures/teaching sessions.

Recording/ed Lectures

For the last two years Neil Berry has recorded lectures and made them available to students via the University's virtual learning environment. These recordings may be viewed on a desktop computer or downloaded to a personal media player. The video recordings capture all 'on screen' activity, e.g. PowerPoint presentation, animations etc. along with the associated audio, whilst the audio recordings capture the vocal part of the lecture. The idea is that the students should not use this as an alternative to lecture attendance but rather as a supplement to aid learning.

More information on this project [pdf]

This is a short sample clip captured from a typical lecture. The emphasis is not on the quality of the recording but on the fact that the recording provides an excellent revision aid for students:

Sample lecture recording [5.75MB mp4]


The benefits to students' learning include:
• Increase student engagement particularly outside traditional 'contact hours'
• Promotes personalisation of learning for the students
• Supports flexibility of learning in a diverse student body
• Encourages active learning on part of the student
• Supports student progression
• Promote lifelong learning
• Learner entitlement

The benefits to staff include:
• Higher levels of student engagement which should lead on to higher and/or more rapid achievement
• Increased rates of student progression leading to higher retention rates overall.


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