MEDEV Subject Centre, Accredited Clinical Teachers Open Resources (ACTOR)

  • Start date: 2010-08-01
  • End date: 2011-07-31
  • Status: complete

Following on from the successful (OER) phase one project 'Organising Open Educational Resources' (OOER), which developed defensible policies/strategies and tools to enable assessment of resource compliance with good OER practice.  Positively influencing the creation of new resources to be OER-ready has much greater potential for long-term sustainability.  The ACTOR project seeks to widen the user base and influence the development of new PGCertClinEd programmes by raising confidence among educational leaders. They will in turn pass this knowledge to students on PGCertClinEd who will (over time) influence colleagues, clinicians and NHS Trusts.

Aims and Objectives

To release a substantial amount (>30 credits) of educational content relevant to clinical education programmes to the open education community using open CC licences (by-sa).  These will be mapped to standards (such as the UK PSF and the AoME professional standards) using a modified version of the OOER Categorisation and Mapping tool.

Anticipated outputs and outcomes

Embedded OER practices with the partners and raise awareness of the issues with stakeholders and at least five other providers of PGCertClinEd; Analysed uptake of resources, gaps in provision and opportunities for sharing especially in relation to generic PGCertHE programmes (linking with other projects funded in this call).

Key Focus Areas

  1. Digital/information literacy;
  2. Development of inclusive curricula;
  3. Education for sustainable development;
  4. Discipline-specific teaching and learning.


Lead Institution:

  • HEA Subject Centre for Medicine, Dentistry & Veterinary Medicine

Consortium Partners:

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