Introducing the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES)

PTES is the only national survey of postgraduate students in the UK.  It allows institutions to collect feedback on the experiences of their taught postgraduate students.

The survey collects feedback from postgraduate taught students in a systematic and user-friendly way, enabling you to pinpoint areas of teaching strength and identify areas for improvement. 

Results are anonymous, allowing comparison against the sector and within benchmarking clubs, with a focus on internal enhancement rather than league tables. PTES 2014 has designed to be more robust, more relevant to postgraduates and easier to disseminate. See the research report on the PTES redesign for more.

PTES 2014 is taking place in a flexible window between 3 February and 19 June 2014. Postgraduate students will receive invitations to participate directly from their own institution.

Over 100 institutions are currently taking part in PTES 2014.