Dr Julie Hulme

Discipline Lead - Psychology

    Julie is a Chartered Psychologist and has a wealth of experience of teaching in the HE and FE sectors, including previous posts at Staffordshire University, Keele University and the Open University. Julie has a strong profile in learning and teaching research and scholarship, especially in psychological literacy, assessment and feedback, transition, employability, and supporting students as lifelong and lifewide learners. She is an accomplished teacher educator and academic developer, an experienced educational consultant and change manager, and a talented project manager. Alongside her background in Psychology, Julie has developed expertise in generic learning and teaching issues, particularly, but not limited to, STEM education.

    Julie’s role as Discipline Lead for Psychology takes her all over the UK. She enjoys visiting Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy departments in universities, working with academics and support staff to enhance learning and teaching. Julie also oversees the HEA Psychology resources on our webpages, organises and participates in numerous workshops and conferences relating to both Psychology and STEM, supports the HEA in administering its various funding activities, and offers bespoke consultancy services. She produces a monthly e-bulletin, helping psychologists to keep up-to-date with HEA activities and other news from across the academic Psychology community. Julie works closely with all of the national (and some international) organisations involved in Psychology education, including the British Psychological Society, the Association of Heads of Psychology Departments, and many more.

    Julie is an associate editor of Psychology Teaching Review, and is the external examiner for Glyndwr University’s MSc Teaching of Psychology. She is especially proud of her work with the British Council, supporting the development of quality assurance in higher education in Afghanistan.

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    Selected publications:

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    Email: julie.hulme@heacademy.ac.uk

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