Internationalisation change programme 2012-13


    Graduates from higher education institutions – both home and international – need to be equipped to live in multicultural contexts to make the most of opportunities to be successful in both their personal and professional lives.

    As global citizens, they need to be able to respond intelligently and respectfully to others across cultural and international boundaries, and to have a grasp of global issues and diverse perspectives.

    The HEA’s Internationalisation Change Programme will help institutional teams work towards developing their policy and practice in internationalisation. The focus of the programme is on enhancing the quality of teaching and learning experiences for all students through:

    • a curriculum that is robustly informed by a broader world view and is taught in a range of ways;
    • students’ uptake of opportunities to study and work in different environments and countries, learning about themselves, their disciplines and their future professions in a global context.

    Teams from the institutions listed below are participating in the Internationalisation Change Programme.