Changing the Learning Landscape: Online Resources

    The following resources support the professional development workshops. The list of resources is constantly being updated.

    TopicResources/ links
    What is/ are: Open Education (OE), Online Learning (OL), Open Education Resources (OERs)?

    UKOER Programme HEA

    UKOER Programme JISC

    OER Info Kit

    OER Overview for Senior Managers

    A staff guide to Open Educational Resources

    Open Educational Resources - a short guide

    7 Things You Should Know About Open Educational Resources

    STEM OER Guidance Wiki

    OER Evaluation and Synthesis project

    OER benefits and myths

    CPDF Open Educational Practice Unit

    Educational Development OERs

    EU OER project

    OER Commons

    The key benefits and limitations of OE, OL and OERs

    STEM OER Guidance Wiki

    A staff guide to Open Educational Resources

    Developing e-learning: Re-using learning materials

    The case for Creative Commons

    OER Technical and Data Management

    OER Accessibility

    OER Legal



    Repurposing guidelines : case study 1



    ALT Open Access Repository


    MIT/ edX



    Open Learn


    Technology Enhanced Learning courses


    TopicResources/ links
    The pedagogy of technology

    The Virtual Pedagogy Initiative

    What research has to say for practice

    Research in Learning Technology

    Enhancing tutor-student interaction through OL

    Introduction to collaborative online learning

    CPDF Open Educational Practice Unit

    Online Facilitation and Communication (online course)

    Asynchronous learning

    Introduction to Digital Environments for Learning Assignment (2007)

    Asynchronous and Synchronous Communication in Online Education

    Enhancing peer-peer interaction through OL

    New forms of field and group work

    Overview of the Open Fieldwork Project

    Online Facilitation and Communication (online course)

    Enhancing assessment and feedback through OL

    PGCert Module 4: using technology for feedback and assessment.

    Jisc Assessment and feedback programme

    Digital literacy and skills required for OE and OL.

    Jisc and Professional Associations Guide to Implementing the UKPSF in the Digital University

    Implementing the UKPSF in the Digital University webinar recording

    Jisc Digital Literacy Programme

    Review and Scoping Study for a cross-JISC Learning and Digital Literacies Programme


    DELILA final report

    OER Technical and Data Management

    OER Accessibility

    OER Legal


    Proprietary or open source virtual learning environments, or open web?

    Key benefits and limitations of each

    Introduction to Moodle workshop

    What is in blackboard?

    Moodle 2.0 Versus Blackboard 9.0/9.1

    Role of online social media in the learning process

    HEA survey report social work academics use of social media
    Curriculum design in a digital learning future

    Blended Learning – Effective use of technology to provide Flexible Learning Opportunities

    Designing for Enquiry-Based Blended Learning: Staff Development

    The Virtual Pedagogy Initiative

    Transforming curriculum delivery through technology: Stories of challenge, benefit and change

    PGCert Module 1: introduction to learning technologies.


    TopicResources/ links
    International perspectives on OL and OE

    Media Distribution Channels and Open Educational Resources


    Creative Commons UK

    HEA International Projects (TBC)

    What is Creative Commons

    Understanding Creative Commons - Case Study

    The case for Creative Commons

    Creative Commons


    TopicResources/ links
    Teaching large classes

    Using online environments for teaching large classes - Case study

    Online tutorials

    Hippocrates: Online medical tutorials - Case study

    Student Perception of On-line Lectures within a Blended Learning Environment for Computing Students

    Online lectures

    Using online lectures to support active learning - Case study

    Making and using podcasts

    Increasing student engagement using podcasts - Case study

    Producing digital audio

    Recording audio in Audacity

    Using audio feedback – case study

    Making videos of your lectures

    Video Nasties: Emerging Educational Technologies Odette Hutchinson (2011-07-15)

    Videotaping Student Presentations Stephanie Feiereisen (2011-07-08)

    Lecture capture - web lecture tools

    Making the most of eBooks Creating eBooks for distance education - Case study
    Online discussions

    Online discussions in maths teacher education - Case study

    Using ePortfolios

    Using ePortfolios as a reflective teaching tool - Case study

    Laboratory work

    iLabs: Online access to remote laboratories - Case study

    iLough-Lab 2.0 – Systematic evaluation of the use of remote and virtual

    laboratories in engineering education


    TopicResources/ links
    Web 2.0: Twitter, wikis & Blogs

    Twitter basics - Technical glossary

    Using Twitter: a guide for staff.

    Setting up a simple blog in Blogger

    Teaching with web 2.0 technologies: Twitter, wikis & blogs - Case study

    Using Blogs for peer feedback and discussion - Case study

    Using wikis for student collaboration - Case study

    Collaborative writing using wikis and Google docs

    Best practice with Wikipedia; Google Scholar and Google Docs

    Collaborative writing using wikis and Google docs

    Getting to grips with Second Life

    An overview of Second Life

    Teaching using scenario based simulations in Second Life - Case study