Dragon's Den Assessment and Employer feedback

  • Publication Date: 01-06-2008
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In the past students have undergone a large number of essays, reports, exams and presentations as part of their assessment for the 3 years of the undergraduate courses here at Westminster Kingsway College (WKC) – both Foundation Degree and Top-Up Degree.

Fundamentally these are the main forms of assessment for any course at WKC and students have begun to disengage and become bored with these formats. So as a team we have all begun to move outside of these boundaries. The Dragon’s Den is ultimately a presentation. For the past 2 years since the module began the students have followed a similar design to the assessment but only the module tutor has been part of the assessment process. By bringing in employers to help with the assessment and change how the students present, suddenly what you get is a completely different group of students, completely engaged in the module, excited about the presentations and competitive amongst their peers to do better than each other.

Type: Case Study

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