Assessment in work based learning: investigating a pedagogical approach to enhance student learning

Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education, 32 (1), 11-19

  • Publication Date: 01-02-2007
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This paper focuses on the issue of pedagogic development and assessment of work-based learning. It presents a case study of how a medium sized institution has developed a pedagogical approach for supporting and assessing WBL.

The WBL model examined is based on the inter-relationship and inter-dependency between understanding learning, critical reflection and the identification and development of capability within a WBL context. The paper considers each of the three areas in relation to its individual contribution and to the WBL process, as a means of developing a framework for academic, personal and capability development within a workplace setting.

Publisher: Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education
Type: Journal article
ISBN/ISSN: 1469-297X (electronic) 0260-2938 (paper)
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  • Pandy Brodie
  • Kate Irving