Flexible Pedagogies: part-time learners and learning in higher education

  • Publication Date: 26-09-2013
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This report has been developed as part of our research project Flexible Pedagogies: preparing for the future. Part-time learners and learning is one of five main focus strands embedded within the theme of flexible learning. It offers a summary and analysis of the current state of play, as well as recommendations for developing robust and appropriate flexible pedagogies with a view to influencing policy, future thinking and change within the rapidly-shifting landscape of learning and teaching in HE.

The report contributes to the development of a better understanding of part-time learners and the types of flexibility that may well enhance their study especially pedagogically. The focus of this strand was to:

  • identify key drivers for an increasing move towards part-time learning with a focus on national and international policy initiatives;
  • critique literature to highlight some of the challenges and opportunities created by part-time education;
  • survey, collate and evaluate current activity relating to pedagogical theory and practice with a particular focus on part-time learners;
  • identify and analyse relevant pedagogies and approaches within the context of flexible learning and delivery for part-time learners;
  • present a selection of case studies which illustrate the nature and form of these pedagogies and approaches;
  • provide recommendations and information about why and how institutions might work towards the implementation of these pedagogies and approaches within the context of flexible delivery.

The main report is also supported by an audit tool and a selection of case studies which can be accessed via the links on the right-hand side of this page.

It has been featured in The power of part-time, a review of part-time and mature higher education produced by Universities UK.


Publisher: The Higher Education Academy
Type: Report (research)