Motivating International Students

A practical guide to aspects of learning and teaching

  • Publication Date: 21-07-2009
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Many international students come to the UK to study economics attracted both by the history of economics in the UK and the excellent teaching and research reputation of many Economics departments.

However, international competition for quality and cost-effective Economics education is rapidly increasing, and the sector faces new challenges in its attempt to remain an attractive destination for international students.

The importance of motivation in academic learning is recognised by many authors. So, what is motivation and why should we consider it within the context of international students in Economics?

Motivating international students requires that we shift our thinking and practice to anticipate, differentiate and respond to their needs. International students can then benefit consistently from equivalent opportunities available to UK students, are more likely to feel valued and included, and are thus more likely to succeed. If we attend to the particular requirements of international learning contexts, we can develop understandings and skills to motivate all students studying or researching Economics in the UK.

Publisher: Economics Network
Type: Book section

  • Margarida Dolan
  • Irene Macias