Developing Inclusive Learning and Teaching

    The widening participation agenda and equality legislation have contributed to an increasingly diverse student population in higher education. 

    We recognise that inclusive learning and teaching is a challenging issue: there can be confusion as to what constitutes inclusive teaching and learning; concern about how to develop inclusive learning and teaching policies and practices in specific contexts and disciplines; and some resistance to change.

    This Summit Programme, offered in association with Equality Forward Scotland, aims to support institutional teams to:

    • develop a deeper understanding of inclusive learning and teaching to support the success of all students in higher education;
    • reflect on and review learning and teaching policy and/or practice within their institution in relation to supporting diversity, promoting inclusive learning and teaching and improving student retention and success;
    • consider disciplinary differences and perspectives;
    • informally benchmark institutional policy and/or practice with other institutions in the sector;
    • identify, develop and implement an aspect of institutional change to improve inclusive learning and teaching;
    • integrate evaluation into the process of change;
    • engage others in the institution in the process of change;
    • evaluate and reflect on outcomes and plan future activity.

    To find out more about the work of the 15 institutions, please click on their names.  Presentations, Reflective papers and related materials are available for download.