Transforming Higher Education Through Technology Enhanced Learning

  • Publication Date: 23-12-2009
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The Higher Education Academy published the book Transforming Higher Education Through Technology Enhanced Learning in December 2009.

Although the book has its genesis in the e-learning Benchmarking & Pathfinder Programme led by the Higher Education Academy from 2005-2008 readers will find that the book contains a thought-provoking edited collection which offers far more than a straightforward account of outcomes of one national programme; you will find that it is both broad in scope and reflective in tone.

The book is available both in conventional printed and digital formats; this web page contains details about both. 

Print Format

A limited number of complimentary copies of the book are already being distributed. The Academy is, however, also exploring offering a print-on-demand solution for those wishing to acquire further physical copies once the initial distribution has been completed. This web page will provide details of the print-on-demand process when the service becomes available.

Digital Format Downloads

Transforming Higher Education Through Technology Enhanced Learning is also available for download below (PDF format). For your convenience we offer downloads of the complete book as well as the individual chapters. None of the downloads are large but the most rapid display can usually be achieved by right clicking a hyperlink to download the section of interest for reading on your preferred local computer or other device.


Complete book (PDF, 2.9 MB) 

Trial eBook option

As well as a PDF download option, chapter 3 also offers an ePub format download (EPUB 59KB). ePub is an 'open' format suitable for use on a growing number of portable ebook readers including Stanza (iPhone), Sony Reader and several others, although nnot the Amazon Kindle as it uses its own proprietary ebook format. We are offering only one chapter in this ebook format at the moment but we will consider converting further chapters if this option proves attractive to a significant number of readers.

Publisher: The Higher Education Academy
Type: Book
ISBN/ISSN: 978-1-907207-11-2

  • Terry Mayes
  • Derek Morrison
  • Harvey Mellar
  • Peter Bullen
  • Martin Oliver