A Dip in the Dribble

  • Publication Date: 01-01-2002
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This problem based case study is set within a 'real' context of an investigation of the environmental impact of river pollution.

The case study is set within the ficticious county of Midshire where a fire in a warehouse has resulted in diquat dibromide and p-octylphenol entering the River Dribble.

Skills Developed
Improving learning and performance
Information technology
Team work

Potential Uses
Chemistry Students

Case Study Duration
4-5 hrs + 12 hrs independent study

Organisation/Project of Origin
University of Hull, University of Plymouth

Collaborating Organisation
Royal Society of Chemistry, Analytical Trust Fund

If you have used a Context case please let us know as we are interested in where and how they are being used and welcome any feedback. Please email Pauline Kneale

Type: Guide
  • Tina Overton
  • Simon Belt
  • Stephen Summerfield