Resources to promote and disseminate undergraduate studies in developmental psychology.

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    The teaching of developmental psychology rarely allows students to have authentic experience of empirical work with young children. The present project builds upon a well-tried procedure whereby students take significant responsibility for the management and conduct of a research exercise. However, the effective dissemination of such a teaching practice must depend upon provision of activities that may readily resource such student-led empirical work. This project exploits the spread of PC technology into young people's home environment.

    This project will author a suite of generic tools for presenting PC-based activities to resource undergraduate researchers in the conduct of field work. The work will be disseminated by the developmental psychology section of the BPS, the emailing list and the Section website (http: // It is also intended to present the work at a workshop on teaching developmental psychology.

    A well-resourced web site will offer guidance on effective procedures for running a practical class in this manner and will incorporate both access to the tools mentioned here and access to representative material generated by their use.

    Update: February 2003
    At present, the following tools have been developed:

    • application for presenting simple mental arithmetic problems for chronometric recordings.
    • application allowing children to make screen-based drawing that can be saved and the drawing sequence re-played (as web pages) for analysis.
    • application allowing child to position user-defined icons on a user-defined background and to draw simple lines on that backgroud also. Software captures final icon positioning and position of any lines drawn. Summary plots may be constructed for whole class
    • application for creating a sequence of screens presenting text or graphic object for likert-style judgement. Software records target, judgement and reaction time.
    • application for presenting pairs of text of graphic objects for forced choice selection according to specified screen instruction. Software captures targets, choices and reaction times.

    The programmes have been tested in the field with over 100 students .
    Further information (and demonstrations of data collected) can be found at the following web site.


    Funding: £4,212.00


    Start Date: May 2002


    Contact: Professor Charles Crook , Dept of Human Sciences, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leics , LE11 3TU