Computing 1

STEM Conference 2012

Tools for Teaching Dr Mark Kerrigan

Enhancing Small Group Teaching and Learning Using Online Student Response Systems Dr Harin Sellahawa
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Open Virtual Worlds for Open Learning Dr Colin Allison & Dr Alan Miller

Buzz-Boarding; An Innovative Approach for Teaching Computing. Mr Victor Callaghan
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Virtual Cluster to Enhance Student Experience Within a Teaching Environment Mr Robert Warrender, Dr David Nelson & Prof John Tindle

Dealing With Contract Cheating: A Question Of Attribution Dr Thomas Lancaster & Mr Robert Clarke
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A route to success: a Google Maps feedback system implemented within Blackboard. Dr Karl Stringer & Prof. Maurice Stringer

Automatically assessing free-form diagrams in e-assessment systems Dr Peter Thomas, Dr Kevin Waugh & Dr Neil Smith
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Euro-Inf certification Prof Roland Ibbet
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Flexible Learning in CPD and International Education Dr Paul Sant & Dr Malcolm Keech
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Solving the Care Leaving Conundrum – What can STEM faculties do? Dr Janet Cole, Mr Nicholas Fernando & Prof David Taylor

A diagrammatic language to build and share STEM teaching narratives Mr José-Luis Fernández-Vindel & Dr Tina Wilson
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Consistency v autonomy: effective feedback to a very large cohort Ms Frances Chetwynd & Mr Chris Dobbyn
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Teaching Use Case Modelling with Fluxx® Dr Nicola Whitehead
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Developing Virtual Programming Laboratories to Inform the Pedagogy of Programming Mr Paul Neve & Mr David Livingstone 


Computing Poster Session - Abstracts