Physical Sciences

STEM Conference 2012

Screencasting and a Tablet PC – an indispensable technology combination for physical science teaching and feedback in higher and further education. Dr Patrick O'Malley
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Using smartpen technology to observe student discussions in physics lectures Miss Marsali Wallace & Dr Ross Galloway
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Undergraduate students' narrations of gender and choice – a focus group study Dr Elaine Regan and Prof Justin Dillon

The performance gender gap in undergraduate physics Miss Robyn Donnelly, Dr Cait MacPhee & Prof Simon Bates

Small group work in large chemistry classes: workshops in first year chemistry Dr Glennys O'Brien & Dr Simon Bedford

The inverted classroom in a large enrolment introductory physics course: a case study Prof Simon Bates & Dr Ross Galloway

Feedback mechanisms: efficient and effective use of technology or a waste of time and effort? Dr Rob Allan & Mr Steve Bentley
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A level playing field? Students' experiences of assessment in STEM disciplines Ms Alison Kay, Dr Judy Hardy & Prof Simon Bates

RELITE: Research-Led Innovative Teaching Experiments – Reinventing first year laboratory courses Dr Jacquie Robson
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Enhancing literature review skills within forensic science undergraduate project work Dr Craig Adam
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Enhancing research-teaching synergies through a seminar-based module for undergraduates Dr David Nutt, Dr Christian Pfrang, Dr Matthew Almond & Dr Elizabeth Page

Geoscience educational e-gaming to provide stimulating & effective learning Dr Jamie Pringle & Mr Luke Bracegirdle


Mark Fowler, Richard Brawn, Nigel Scott and Hilary Patterson De Montfort University Embedding employability in forensic science provision

Samantha Pugh University of Leeds Approaches to peer assisted learning in mathematics and physical sciences

Simon O’Leary Regent’s College Using entrepreneurship to enhance the employability of scientists and engineers

Richard Brawn, Mark Fowler and Richard Scott De Montfort University From small beginnings come great things? – international consultancy as a means to internationalisation

James Collett, Nikhil Thilakan and Balu Govind University of Hertfordshire Storyboard physics